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Investigation in biology is tantamount to estimation of biological molecules in cells and tissues. Optical properties (behavior of matter upon interacting with light) of molecules are extensively used to estimate hormones, proteins, DNA, etc., in cells. A variety of spectrophotometers have been procured to study optical properties of biological molecules. The newly created centralized facility of Spectroscopy at the CCMB houses all such instruments that permit comprehensive analysis of molecules in cells. High throughput quantification equipment including "Micro Plate Reader" allows hundreds of measurements simultaneously. Temperature control spectrophotometers and a Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) system from MicroCal, USA to measure heat capacity are for obtaining thermodynamic and conformational information on biomolecules. The uniqueness of the Spectroscopy facility at the CCMB is to have instruments at one centralized point for all spectroscopic investigations of biomolecules.

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