Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Micro-imaging and Spectroscopy Back

To advance in the areas of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical research, a state-of-the-art Wide Bore 600 MHz (14T) NMR Micro-imaging and Spectroscopy facility has been installed. The FTNMR Spectrometer Model AV600 AVANCE 600MHz with Ultrashield Magnet was procured from M/s. Bruker, Switzerland. It has the unique capability of investigating biological systems non-invasively. It is equipped with high-resolution triple resonance probes for investigation of biomolecular systems in solution, and mini and micro imaging probes to study various diseases in rats, mice and drosophila's models in vivo. The facility will help in understanding the development of organs in knock-out and transgenic animal models and various diseases at anatomical, molecular and metabolic level in a non-invasive manner. MRI and NMR spectroscopic methods are being optimized to acquire MRI images and NMR spectra from different organs (brain, liver, heart) in mice in vivo. These optimized methods allow acquiring 20-30 MRI images in a short time. Localized in vivo NMR spectrum was successfully recorded from a voxal size of 2x2x3 mm3 in mice brain. 

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