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At CCMB, the karyotyping facility has been set up to carry out genetic diagnosis at chromosomal level for the reasons like recurrent miscarriages, male and female infertility, mental retardation, and other miscellaneous syndromic and non syndromic cases. The lab is equipped with advanced karyotyping equipment and software.

Chromosomal analysis is carried out using different sample sources like, blood (lymphocyte culture) - most commonly performed procedure, amniotic fluid - prenatal diagnosis. Also POC (aborted foetal tissue) is culture to detect chromosomal anomalies.

GTG banding is the routinely practiced technique, also advanced techniques like fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) is performed using different probes like Whole Chromosome Paints (WCP), Locus Specific Identifier (LSI), and Multicolour fluorescence probes (M-FISH), to further delineate the anomaly and characterize the break point.

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