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This website provides information on CCMB campus responses to COVID-19, coordinated by the medical centre and the CCMB management. It will be updated frequently with current information and instructions.

Don't panic, and take care to minimize spread. Social Distancing is the key.

There have been no confirmed COVID-19 cases on campus. Much more stringent guidelines will apply should there be such a case, and contingency plans are in preparation for this.

COVID-19 Symptoms:
  • Fever
  • Tiredness
  • Dry Cough
  • Breathlessness

If you have the above symptoms, please contact your local medical centre. If on campus, please immediately wear a mask and contact the medical Centre at Phone number. The CCMB Medical Officer, Dr. Venugopal, is the only person authorized to issue a fitness certificate for returning to campus.

Information and Awareness:

All CCMB staff (including students, project trainees, scientists, administration, security, canteen, support staff and contract staff) have been given updated information and guidelines of our campus response and rules by their respective team leaders and each attendee's signature has been taken to ensure that all are aware.

General guidelines:

+ 1. Do NOT travel unless unavoidable. If you have returned from outside Hyderabad, quarantine is mandatory before you enter campus. This applies both to International and National travel.
+ 2. Information for people entering quarantine on campus.
+ 3. Campus entry is restricted as per these rules.
+ 4. Minimize possibility for spread on campus.
+ 5. Instructions for students
+ 6. Campus measures currently in place regarding canteen, gym and other facilities
+ 7. What to do if housemates/family at home return from outside the city
+ 8. FAQs
+ 9. Anti-FAQ: What NOT to do
+ 10. General COVID-19 FAQ
+ 11. Campus response structure
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