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Viva-Voce 22-11-2010
Viva-Voce of Mr Aninda Mitra, at 12:00pm
Characterization and identification of C3G as an effector of c-Abl mediated cellular functions
Colloquium 19-11-2010
Colloquium by Mr. Vinesh Vinayachandran, PhD Student,CCMB. at 5:00pm.
Role of The Chromatin and the terminator in YEAST U6 transcription
Viva-Voce 18-11-2010
Viva-Voce of Mr Parmit Kumar Singh. at 12:00noon
Genetic and Molecular Analysis of Neurospora Duplications and Duplication-Generating Translocations.
Lecture 18-11-2010
Lecture by Prof Ashok K Saluja, Professor and Vice Chair, Dept. of Surgery, Univ.of Minnesota,USA. at 4:00PM.
Heat shock Proteins in Pancreatic Diseases: Friend or Foe
Lecture 16-11-2010
Lecture by Prof. Joachim Weitzel, Dept.of Reproductive Biology, Leibniz Institute for Farm Animal Biology, Genmany. at 11:00am
Regulation of differentiation processes during spermatogenesis
Lecture 29-10-2010
Lecture by Prof Shankar Subramaniam, University of California at San Diego, USA. at 2:30 pm
The Macrophage Lipidome
Lecture 29-10-2010
Lecture by Dr. Sandeep Krishna, NCBS, Bangalore. at 4:00pm
Counting genomes: the lysis-lysogeny decision in phage lambda
Lecture 15-10-2010
Lecture by Dr Kaladhar Reddy, Associate Professor, School of Medicine, Wayne State University, Detroit, USA. at 4:00pm
Mechanisms of endocrine resistance and novel therapeutic strategies in breast cancer
Viva-Voce 12-10-2010
Viva-Voce of Mr Alok Pandey. At 12:00 noon.
Studies on virulence functions of Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae: role of iron uptake functions in virulence.
Lecture 12-10-2010
Lecture by Dr. Anand Bachhawat, IISER, Mohali. At 4:00 pm.
Glutathione and Sulphur metabolism in pathogenic yeasts.
Viva-Voce 06-10-2010
Viva-Voce of Mr Nitin Chaudhary, at 12:00 noon
Understanding aggregation and fibril formation in proteins and peptides
Lecture 29-09-2010
Lecture by Dr. Ramachandra Rao Sathuluri, Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University, Japan. at 4:00pm
Nanomaterials interactions with embryonic stem cells towards novel opportunities
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