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Colloquium 09-11-2020
Colloquium by Mr Patil Gajanan Shrikant
[Venue:Lecture Hall]
Structural and functional characterisation of Fatty acyl-AMP ligases from diverse organisms
Colloquium 03-11-2020
Colloquium by Mr Siddharth Bhatia
[Venue:Lecture Hall]
Understanding molecular and functional variation in geographically isolated Echis carinatus venoms
Scientific Group Meeting(Virtual) 02-11-2020
Scientific Group Meeting - Speakers: 1. Dr. Arvind Kumar
2. Priti A S
[Venue:Lecture Hall (Virtual Meeting)]
1.Recent advances in biology of piRNAs-PIWI pathway beyond germ cell function in the central nervous system.
2. Blowing up and Breaking limits
Viva-Voce 27-10-2020
Viva-Voce of Mr Budnar Prashanth
[Venue:Lecture Hall]
Thesis Title: αB Crystallin in Stress and Neurodegeneration
Colloquium 22-10-2020
Colloquium by Mr V Rajesh Iyer
[Venue:Lecture Hall]
Understanding genome-environment interactions at molecular, cellular and organismal level
Viva-Voce 21-10-2020
Viva-Voce of Mr Santosh Kumar Kuncha
[Venue:Lecture Hall]
Thesis Title: Mechanism and Physiological Role of Chiral Proofreading Modules Involved in Translation of Genetic Code
CCMBbiologue 16-10-2020
@11:30 AM
CCMB Biologue (talk 4) by Dr. Siddhesh Kamat, IISER, Pune, India
Chemicals Lens on Biology: A chemical biology approach towards understanding a human neurological disorder
Colloquium 12-10-2020
@4:00 PM
Colloquium by Ms Preethi Jampala
[Venue:Lecture Hall]
Roles of cis regulatory motifs and chromatin modifying factors in regulation of homeobox transcription factor, SHOOT MERISTEMLESS (STM) in plants
Colloquium 07-10-2020
Colloquium by Mr Debabrata Jana
[Venue:Lecture Hall]
Regulation of Core Pluripotency network in ES cells and Self-Organisation
Scientific Group Meeting(Virtual) 05-10-2020
Scientific Group Meeting - Speakers:
1. Dr. Anant Patel
2. Mr Dipak Roy
[Venue:Virtual Meeting]
1. Techniques for Measurement of Brain Energy Metabolism
2. The brain rhythms that detach us from reality
Viva-Voce 05-10-2020
ViVa-Voce of Ms Deepika
[Venue:Lecture Hall]
Thesis Title: Proteomic approach to functions of Exoribonuclease R in the cold adaptation of Antarctic bacterium Pseudomonas syringae Lz4W
Colloquium 30-09-2020
@4:00 PM
Colloquium by Mr Md.Jafarulla
[Venue:Lecture Hall]
Membrane Lipids in GPCR Function and Pathogen Entry
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