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Lecture 24-02-2020
Lecture by Prof. Manoj Puthenveedu, Department of Pharmacology,University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA
[Venue:Lecture Hall]
Spatiotemporal regulation of GPCR signaling by membrane trafficking
Lecture 20-02-2020
@4:00 PM
Lecture by Dr Mahipal Ganji, Ludwig-Maximillian-University Munich & Max-Planck Institute of Biochemistry, Germany
[Venue:Lecture Hall]
Biophysical approaches for unraveling the spatial organization of chromosomes
Student_Seminar 19-02-2020
@4:00 pm
Student Seminar- Speakers: 1. Harsh Kapoor 2. Sharada Ravi Iyer
[Venue:Lecture Hall]
1. The yellow gene influences Drosophila male mating success through sex comb melanization.
2. Initiation of chromosome replication controls both division and replication cycles in E. coli through a double adder mechanism.
Student_Seminar 18-02-2020
@4:00 pm
Student Seminar- Speakers: 1. Gopi Krishnan P 2. Koushick S
[Venue:Lecture Hall]
1. Experimental investigation of ant traffic under crowded conditions
2. Light-regulated collective contractility in a multicellular choanoflagellate
Student_Seminar 14-02-2020
@4:00 pm
Student Seminar- Speakers: 1. Vishal Sah 2. G Anusha
[Venue:Lecture Hall]
1. Gain Fat-Lose Metastasis: Converting Invasive Breast Cancer Cells into Adipocytes Inhibits Cancer Metastasis.
2. A set of microRNAs coordinately controls tumorigenesis, invasion, and metastasis.
Student_Seminar 13-02-2020
@4:00 pm
Student Seminar- Speakers: 1. Alka Sahu 2. S Bhanu Pranav N
[Venue:Lecture Hall]
1. Biparental inheritance of mitochondrial DNA in humans
2. Mitochondrial fragmentation limits NK cell-based tumor immunosurveillance
Student_Seminar 12-02-2020
@4:00 pm
Student Seminar- Speakers: 1. Suraj Kumar Meher 2. Sourav Ganguli
[Venue:Lecture Hall]
1. Bacteriophage trigger anti-viral immunity and prevent clearance of bacterial infection
2. Rapid microevolution of biofilm cells in response to antibiotics
Student_Seminar 11-02-2020
@4:00 pm
Student Seminar- Speakers: 1. Sonu Yadav 2. Ajay Sarawagi 3. Prajakta Biyani
[Venue:Lecture Hall]
1. Switching the direction of stem gravitropism by altering two amino acids in AtLAZY1
2. Suppression of autophagic activity by Rubicon is a signature of aging
3. Interspecies interactions induce exploratory motility in Pseudomonas aeruginosa.
Lecture 11-02-2020
@5:00 PM
Lecture by Dr Deepak Veerappan, Scientific Associate Department of Life Sciences, Natural History Museum, London, UK
[Venue:Lecture Hall]
Ecomorphological Diversity in Natricine Snakes
Student_Seminar 10-02-2020
@4:00 pm
Student Seminar- Speakers: 1. Annapoorna K P 2. Somesh Gorde
[Venue:Lecture Hall]
1. A new species of Homo from the Late Pleistocene of the Philippines.
2. Recurrent convergent evolution at amino acid residue 261 in fish rhodopsin
Student_Seminar 07-02-2020
@4:00 pm
Student Seminar- Speakers: 1. Kakade Aishwarya Arun P 2. Debadutta Patra
[Venue:Lecture Hall]
1. General Visual and Contingent Thermal Cues Interact to Elicit Attraction in Female Aedes aegypti Mosquitoes
2. Insect-damaged Arabidopsis moves like wounded Mimosa pudica
Chalk the Talk 07-02-2020
Chalk the Talk by Sai Uday Kiran
[Venue:Lecture Hall]
The Critical Four Hours and Magic of Cognitive Flexibility that Rules 4x105
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