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The Centre for Cellular & Molecular Biology (CCMB) is a premier research organization in frontier areas of modern biology. The objectives of the Centre are to conduct high quality basic research and training in frontier areas of modern biology, and promote centralized national facilities for new and modern techniques in the inter-disciplinary areas of biology.
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  •  18 January     |    4:00 pm
    Student Seminar by Kamal Saba
    Investigation of Metabolic and Molecular Changes During Healthy Aging and in Alzheimer`s Disease

    Venue: Lecture Hall
  •  19 January     |    4:30PM
    Colloquium by Mr Narayan Datt Soni
    Investigations of Brain Energy Metabolism in Mouse Model of Alzheimer's Disease Using 13C NMR Spectoscopy.

    Venue: Lecture Hall
  •  20 January     |    4:00 pm
    Student Seminar- Speakers: 1. Purnima SailaSree 2. Mansi Srivastava
    1. Regulation of cell fate choice in early mouse development and pluripotent cells
    2. Metabolic regulation of pluripotency

    Venue: Lecture Hall
  •  22 January     |    4:00 pm
    Student Seminar- Speakers: 1. Pradeep Kumar 2. Jaydeep Paul
    1. Mechanistic and Functional Insights into Chiral Proofreading During Protein Synthesis
    2. Structural and functional study of DRB3 in plant RNAi

    Venue: Lecture Hall
  •  29 January     |    12:00Noon
    Viva-Voce of Mr Mr. Sunil Kumar Tripathi
    Thesis Title: Exploring additional Genetic factors associated with susceptibility/resistance to malaria among Indian populations

    Venue: Director`s Committee Room
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